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Connect digital solutions with the physical world. Configured IoT Product For Small, Medium, And Large Scale Enterprises.

All of your IoT Product needs under one roof

From an initial project definition to production, Alfa Intellitech brings your complete IoT enterprise under one roof. Whether you are a startup or a large enterprise, we can help you to take charge of your IoT initiatives, Increase Customer Engagement, and Monetize Business Models.

IoT Product Engineering

We have influential involvement in IoT Product development of IoT Devices, Sensors, and Gateways.
We have shown proficiency in all aspects of IoT product design like HW design, embedded SW, industrial design, POC fab, and certification. We have successfully developed IoT products like IoT Sensors, and Gateways with Zigbee/Zwave/LoRa/ Weightless/WiFi/ETH interfaces. We work closely with our clients to understand and analyze their requirements of their IoT products using our expertise.

Blockchain And Bigdata

We support our clients on building Enterprise level Blockchain solutions that automate their business processes
from various entities & participants through Smart Contracts. Enable tracking and analysis of Smart Contracts with ease. We also help our clients in implementing data analytics with ML/AI algorithms based solutions using Bigdata technologies.

Embedded Systems Design

We support our clients in Embedded Systems design using our proven frameworks and protocols for a variety of RTOS.
We work closely with our clients, understand and analyze their requirements to build suitable technology and Embedded system solutions. We have demonstrated experience in Multi-threaded and Microservices based RTOS embedded applications development from low power MCUs to high-end MCUs with various communication protocols like Zigbee/Zwave/LoRa/ Weightless/WiFi/ETH interfaces.
Find your path to Production in Weeks

Build a fully operative production-ready custom End-To-End IoT product based on your enterprise requirement. Get real-time data insights to make quicker business decisions and understand business ROI (Return on Investment).

Concept to Production

Get the help from our experts to convert your concept/idea into a production-ready solution with easy steps

Powerful Enterprise IoT Platform

Alfa Intellitech IoT Platform handles seamless device connectivity to securely connect millions of devices. With advanced cutting edge analytical and Firmware over the air features to transform data into effective IoT solutions.

Why Alfa Intellitech for your Project

Sophisticated Infrastructure

Sophisticated Infrastructure

Unlike freelancers or outsourcing business, we have the necessary appliance to meet our client's requirements.

Fast Industry Movers

Fast Industry Movers

We sense, predict, and utilize new technologies even before they become mainstream, which helps us master them.

Proven Satisfaction Rate

Proven Satisfaction Rate

We satisfy our clients with our High-quality services, promised delivery, and innovative business growth tactics.

Alfa Intellitech is a custom IoT Solution Provider

Alfa Intellitech has an in-house team to provide your End-To-End Custom IoT Solution for your Enterprise requirements from scratch.

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IoT Product Development Company - Alfa Intellitech

IoT product development compnay

Alfa Intellitech fastest growing IoT product development Company in India, as a full-stack IoT company, we helped so many startups and enterprises by providing smart gadgets and converting analog products into digital products using firmware, IoT platforms, and sensors. Our experienced IoT product development team creates a web, mobile, and embedded infrastructure. Our deliberately executed business practices with streamlined methods, serve advanced business robotization, and computing needs. We are associated with leading organizations and industry experts which help us to customize your product and make them beneficial for your business.

We provide a complete ecosystem for end-to-end IoT solutions right from Designing, Manufacturing, Testing, Custom Embedded Hardware and Software Development, Platform Integration, Mobile Applications, Web-Dashboard, Data Analytics, Custom Industrial Enclosure Molding, Installation and Support to any business or individual to make their IoT journey mild and smarter.

IoTize your Business with Best IoT (Internet Of Things) Products

Alfa Intellitech presents the best Internet of Things (IoT) products that are developed in accordance with the business direction towards data security, analytics, and telemetry. There are countless uses of IoT, such as – access to real-time data to get actionable insights, M2M communication to prevent downtime, remote monitoring for performance statistics and health analytics of the assets and if augmented with a digital twin, Internet of Things can help your organizations in predictive maintenance and save them from sudden downtime or failure of your machines, equipment, and many more.

We have moved to the operational phase and already started conveying values in industries ranging from manufacturing to Healthcare. Implementation of IoT product development is a difficult task for testing any team’s technical and organizational skills. Fortunately, you have us! We are skilled and equipped with every necessary aspect, including experienced developers, advanced infrastructure, and analytics tools to shape things in the right manner for your business.

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